Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My love

These are the two men in my life, my awesome handsome Daddy, and my super sexy hubby, Josh (pic taken after Josh finished his first half marathon in 2:00:34). Both of them are awesome and are incredibly supportive of me. But this post is about my honey bunches (Josh!)

I can't say enough about how great he is and how supportive he is of my running.  Since my first run, he has told me I could do it. When I have attempted longer distances and entered races, he has encouraged me and supported me. When I joined a Ragnar team last year he was supportive, and when I wanted to put together my own team for this year, he was supportive. When I have my long runs on Sunday mornings he never makes me feel bad about going, and he never complains about getting up early with the kids and feeding them breakfast. He encouraged me to go and run in the Disney World Marathon when that opportunity presented itself, even though he couldn't come on the trip.  He is always telling me that I am amazing and other super sweet things. His love and support are endless and mean so so much to me.

Josh is a runner too, and it is crazy how naturally athletic he is and what he is able to do (including a recent time of 6:29 in a mile race!) Josh has signed up for his first triathlon and I am already insanely proud!! I try to return the love and support that he gives me and always support and encouragement him in all that he chooses to do. I always want him to know I am his number one cheerleader.

This Sunday morning I had to get 14 miles done. I decided to do two laps of the 7-mile loop from our house. Josh decided to run the first loop with me, and then he went home to feed the kids breakfast and make Ryan's birthday blondies. At one point when we were running together, I was filled with so much happiness, and with love and gratitude for him and a sense of just one of those perfect moments. I told him, "This is so awesome." It's hard to believe that just two years ago we weighed over 125lbs more (combined) than we do now. We have always done everything together, but running is not something I ever imagined we would be doing. Running with Josh is really awesome, even if he doesn't talk the whole time like Jenny does! :)

Just wanted to do a quick post about how much I love my man, and how great he is. I am so thankful for his love, support, and encouragement in all that I do. I love that he is so supportive of my choice to be a runner and a marathoner, and I am so glad he has chosen to join me in getting healthy and having an active lifestyle.

Yup, he is the greatest. :)

After writing this post, I had someone email me this link to a story in the WSJ about marriages being destroyed by exercise. What do I think? I think it is like anything else in life. I think you need to have your priorities straight and find balance. Running helped me put things into better balance, as before I was not taking any time for myself,  I was not doing anything for myself and I was not really taking care of myself. Now running is a big part of who I am, but my marriage, children and family are still more important. Josh and I support each other in our sports, and we get our training done early in the morning and by working around each others' schedules and the kids' schedules. That makes it all work out well for us! :)

I believe that moms and wives (and dads and husbands!) should have a hobby or interest or something that they do for themselves. I think we all need that and deserve that, and I think it makes us more emotionally healthy, as long as priorities stay in order  If husbands and wives can find a shared hobby or activity that is even better, but if not, I think spouses need to encourage and support each other in their interests. I believe a big part of marriage and family is making compromises and sacrifices for each other (again, balance is so important).

I don't think there is ANY reason why someone can't be a dedicated parent, spouse and athlete. Finding the balance may take work and dedication, but it can be done and for us it is well worth the effort.


Party of Nine said...

Beautiful :)

wendy said...

That article was very interesting. I posted it on my blog too. I hope you don't mind. I have to say that at times running HAS become an issue in Tim's and my relationship, so I found the article thought-provoking. Thanks for sharing.

Terzah said...

Read the article and shared it with my husband...He assured me he does not feel like a "running widower." We too try to support each other in our exercise goals. It's good for both us, for our marriage and for our kids. I only wish I could run *with* him more often (last time that happened was last June).

misszippy said...

Glad you have such a great relationship.

I've actually seen several marriages in the endurance world fall apart. I think some folks let the balance get out of whack and then there's no recovering.