Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Month in review

In January I ran 149 miles. My longest run (and the best one!) was my magical 26.2 in Disney World on January 9, and my longest training run was my 14 miles this past Sunday. I took six rest days in January.

I have 165 miles planned for February, with the longest run being an 18 miler on Feb. 27. I am sure hoping that I can get more runs done OUTSIDE this month. (With the temperature being a ridiculous -20 this morning, this is definitely a treadmill week. Sigh...)

This week is "week 8" of my marathon training for the Salt Lake City Marathon on April 16. I am using the Hal Higdon Intermediate One plan to train again, with a few changes. (I used this same plan to train for my first marathon. I would have used the Novice plan, but it would have been a big step down in mileage compared to what I was already doing at that point). The only changes I have made is that on Mondays, which the plan has a cross training day, I run three miles every week and then do my strength training, and I also do strength training after my runs on Thursdays. This time I used the McMillan Running Calculator to calculate the paces I should be doing my different runs at, and I am doing tempo runs, intervals, steady runs, pace runs and long runs each week at set paces. Last time I trained I only worried about getting the miles in and didn't pay much attention to pace, so I am hoping this makes me faster. We shall see!

Oh, and in regards to my post yesterday with the article about exercise ruining relationships, I did not mean to sound like I did not think it was possible for this to happen, and obviously the couple highlighted in the article needed to reevaluate things. But I think that almost anything can have the same effect on a marraige if you let it. Anytime a person in a relationship lets something, whether it be friends, a job, an activity, shopping, the internet, TV, exercise or anything else, become consistently more important than their marriage or their family, the relationship is going to be out of balance and at risk. But I will say it again that with work, effort and compromise, I don't think there is ANY reason why someone can't be a dedicated parent, spouse and athlete.

Happy running everybody! How was your run today? Are you frozen in like me? Snowed in like a lot of people around the country? Or were you lucky and get to hit the pavement?


Terzah said...

Hi Erin! Thanks for the Jan. recap. I'll borrow that idea for my blog when I go on break at work. I ran last night (6x1200--one of those super hard, but satisfying workouts; w/ rest intervals it toalled 6 miles). Today I usually x-train, but I took the morning off to sleep as our son has been sick and the sleep this week has been bad. The last thing I need is to get sick due to sleep deprivation! If things go better the next few days on that front, I will try to x-train on Friday.

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

I'm so excited for you and your marathon in SC, UT!!

RunMom said...

I had that same article emailed to me! And I totally agree with you. Probably the underlying problem's not the exercise.

And on an entirely different note, you won my giveaway! YAY! Here's the link Just send me an email at and I'll send you all the details. Actually, I think I already have your email, but just in case there happens to be 2 super awesome marathoning moms of 12 children who happen to read my blog, send me one just in case. (What would the odds of that be eh?)

carol-ann said...

I feel your pain. I despise the treadmill! Luckily I have been bundling up and able to get outside and hit the pavement!