Saturday, February 5, 2011

Breakfast of Champions?

Here is a picture of my favorite post-run breakfast. I always run first thing in the morning and I don't eat before. If I am running eight miles or more I gel every 4-5 miles. If the run is under that I don't eat anything until I am done.

As soon as I am done stretching I make a big glass of 1% milk with Ovaltine. Then I whip up a bowl of this wonderful concoction. :)
Erin's fabulous post-run oatmeal

This is one serving of Quaker's Instant oatmeal (made with just water and a bit of cinnamon), and then I add to it
-one whole banana, chopped up
-about half a cup of berries (blueberries are my favorite, today was a mix). In the winter I use frozen berries.
- about a 1/4 cup of raisins
- a handful of some kind of chopped nuts (today was pecans)
- a handful of chocolate chips (because come on... chocolate chips make everything better, right?)

Josh contends that it is no longer oatmeal by the time I get done adding everything to it, but I love it. I crave it when I am done running. It keeps me full for quite a while and it is pretty darn yummy too. The only time I eat "plain" oatmeal is before a marathon.

So what do you think? Does it look good? Gross? What is your "breakfast of champions"?

PS I got 8 miles done this morning and have 17 to do tomorrow. Fingers and toes are crossed that the roads will be clear enough to run outside!!


The Hungry Runner Girl said...

I am so happy that you commented so I could find your blog and become obsessed with you!! 17 outside are MY HERO!!! Let me know how it goes and great job on your 8 miler today!! I think your b-fast looks AMAZING!!! YUM!!! It is hard to eat before running! Come hang out with me in Utah k?!?!

misszippy said...

Looks amazing to me! Love some oatmeal after a fav. is raw oatmeal, some milk, and a spoonful of almond butter w/ roasted flaxseeds, and some cut up banana. Wish I could eat it morning, noon and night"!

Alie said...

I think your breakfast looks delicious though I would want more oats and less fruit. I never thought to add chocolate chips to my oatmeal but think it is a fabulous idea!!

I'm still trying to figure out a good "breakfast of champions" for myself. I run after dropping off my preschooler around 8:45am. I need to eat before then but the what and how much I haven't quite perfected yet..

Terzah said...

This is very similar to my breakfast! After a run, I drink chocolate milk or hot chocolate. Then as soon as I can I nuke 1/2 cup dry steel-cut oats (McCann's 5-minute oats) and then add berries and bananas, cinnamon and a splash of vanilla extract. I love the choc chip idea. If I'm eating before a run, I have Cheerios (less fiber). I think I'm going to experiment w/ lactose-free milk for the pre-run b-fast. What kinds of gels do you use on your longer runs?

Run with Jess said...

OMG - that sounds awesome! My favorite is the Quaker Raisin Date & Walnut. Quick easy packets... but I've been known to doctor it up too from time to time.

Becky said...

This looks really good! My current favorite is steel cut oats, sliced banana, tablespoon of peanut butter, and a little ground flax sprinkled on top.

Betina said...

if I'm running more than 6 miles in the morning I eat a banana or a piece of wheat toast and drink plenty of water. Otherwise I am like you, I don't eat before an early morning run. I eat oatmeal almost every day for breakfast. I like it simple. Large rolled oats, steamed, some brown sugar (no more than 1 TBS) I add fruit according to season... berries in the summer, apples in the fall. Yum.

OrangeBlossom said...

I'll have to try this. So wonderful to find your blog and so excited to see that you have 12 children! We only have five right now and the kids have been begging for a baby (youngest is almost 2)

My favorite breakfast is homemade granola: