Thursday, February 17, 2011

Awwww shucks!

Thanks everybody for the compliments on my Love Yourself picture. I am extra grateful that none of you said I looked good "for a mom of 12". It cracks me up when people say that. What on earth does that mean? It sounds like a compliment, but I am pretty sure it isn't. Let me tell you, the bar is set reeeeEEEAaaaallly low for a mom of 12. Dressed by noon? Two matching shoes? No offensive smells? No food on her face? Wow...she looks GOOD for a mom of 12. :)

If you somehow missed it, the big news in the running world right now is that the Boston Marathon changed things up to ensure that the most competitive (fastest) runners get to run the Boston Marathon. They also announced faster qualifying times starting in 2013. For all the details you can find an article here on Runners World.

Since my marathon career is just brand new, I hadn't put a whole lot of thought or stress into qualifying, although of course I am aware that for the average runner it is the Holy Grail of running accomplishments to "BQ" (qualify for Boston). I don't think it is out of the realm of possibility for me, although since I think it is highly unlikely that I would ever smash the time requirements by a huge amount, it seems like the chances of me ever getting to actually run Boston now are slim to none. Eh. I am ok with that. Right now my focus is on continuing to train and get faster. If I do BQ one day I will be proud and excited about the accomplishment, even if I don't ever get to actually run in the race. So for me this doesn't have a huge impact, although I am sad for people who have had this as a dream race and now have such slim chances of getting to run it.

I did a 4.5 mile interval run this morning with my first four 1/2 mile intervals at a 7:30 pace and the last one at 7:19. My dang inner ankles are still sore but they get better as the run goes on (seem to loosen up). I tried to put the insoles back into my running shoes to see if it helped and it made everything hurt more, so I am hoping my muscles are just still getting used to running without the insoles and I will keep doing what I am doing and fingers crossed the soreness will go away.

Josh is off to coach at the high school Simplot Games in Idaho for three days and the kids have no school tomorrow or Monday so I will be single mom and a runner with a lot of miles to get in this weekend.  Wish me luck!

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Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Nice run this a.m.!!! I feel you on the BQ--I'm a noob, so if I BQ one day that's great-- if not, it is the journey I love!!

Terzah said...

Good luck with the single mommy running weekend! That was me last weekend. I got a sitter so I could do my long run.

And I think you look good period!! None of this "for a mom of twelve" stuff....

Renee said...

Oh I hear you on the "Mom of 12" thing. I get that all the time. What does it mean?? LOL.

I am really loving your running blog. I am a baby runner (3-5 miles a day 6 times a week).I am in awe of how far you go. You are fast too.