Saturday, February 19, 2011


As of today, I have officially lost 70lbs. That means I lost more than 1/3 of myself! I weighed 207 lbs on December 28, 2008. I had been roughly the same size for more than 10 years. I wasn't happy with myself, but I wasn't unhappy enough to do anything to change. When I told people that I weighed over 200 lbs, lots of them said, "You never looked like you weighed that much." I am not sure if that is true or if it is just what people say to be nice when you tell them you were way overweight, but regardless, I was 207 lbs (and am 5ft almost 5 inches tall).

We got a Wii Fit for Christmas that year and on Dec. 28, once the kids were in bed, Josh and I decided to mess around with it. Well, I stood on it and that darn thing told me I was obese and blew up the little cartoon version of me to the point that I looked like a beachball with limbs. 207 lbs. It pissed me off. It pissed me off a lot. I finally was unhappy enough to change.

From that day on, I started exercising six days a week (and I have ever since). I knew lots of people who had dieted successfully short term on lots of different diet plans, but all seemed to gain most or all of the weight back once they went off the diet. So my plan from the beginning was not to do anything that would ever "end". I wanted to make permanent changes to how I ate and how I lived.

I cut out soda, except for the rare treat. I stopped eating after 7pm. I started watching portion sizes. I started eating more whole grains, beans, fruits, veggies, etc. and less "junk". I chewed gum while I was feeding the kids so I wouldn't pick at the food I was making them. I thought about what I put in my mouth.

And sure enough, that weight started coming off.

I didn't really have a weight goal. I figured that I was going to continue exercising and eating well (for the rest of my life!) and that sooner or later my weight would level off at a healthy place.

In September 2009 (just over 8 months after I started this journey) I hit 50lbs lost (157). I was THRILLED. Up until then the weight came off at about 6lbs a month. After that it came off a lot more slowly. In fact I leveled off at 153 for months and months and months. And I was happy with it! I vividly remember telling Jenny one day that 153 must be my  healthy weight because that was wear I was "stuck" for months. I felt good and I looked good. Last fall I celebrated losing and keeping the 50lbs off for over a year.

But then I started training for my first marathon. Somewhere during this time my mindset went from running to help me lose weight, to eating better to be a better runner. I added in more healthy foods and cut out a bit more junk (although I still treat myself in small portions) and that combined with the increased training led to another 20lbs coming off without me trying to lose more weight.

I looked at the scale this morning when it said 137 I wanted to cry. I did not ever think that was a realistic goal for me. In fact, I remember when I was somewhere in the 170's and a friend who was also trying to lose weight said, "150 is a nice round number. It would be great to be in the 150's," and I remember thinking there was no way I was going to get off another 20+ pounds. Ha! :)

Just over two years ago I was stuffed into a size 18. Today I am very comfortable in a size 4. A 4! I used to think that people who wore a size 4 were mythical creatures like leprechauns and unicorns. I'm serious.

Right now I am super happy at 137, and if I never lose another pound I will be just fine with that. I am at a healthy weight, and my body is strong and healthy. I feel awesome. 

Someone posted a question about what I eat during the day and I will answer that this week. But for now I will say that I do eat a lot. My body is burning lots of calories with my running and I keep it well-fueled. I am one of those people who feels better if I eat smaller meals often throughout the day instead of three bigger meals, so I usually eat three average-sized meals and two good snacks.

Anyway, I just wanted to celebrate today. 70lbs lost feels pretty dang awesome. If I had known how amazing happy, healthy and fit would feel, I would have done it so much earlier. :)

Here are a couple of before and after pics.

Josh and I... Josh has lost over 50 lbs and is also kicking butt. He has his first tri this year! 

This was when we were in Ethiopia getting our Solomon in March, 2008

Here I am a month and a half ago at the Disney Marathon (I weighed 141 the day before)

and then here I am today. 137. Woo hoo!


Dearest Jessica said...

That's amazing! Way to go!

Chrissy said...

That's amazing!!!

Owlhaven said...

That's so awesome, Erin! I'm an inch taller than you, and when I began running last September I was 172. This morning I got on my scale and it read 159.6. I am thrilled to finally in the 150's (within 5 lbs of what my driver's license says!) And reading your post this evening is great encouragement to keep on keeping on! Not sure if I'll make it down to the 130's. 150 is my goal. But who knows?
Thanks for blogging about this!

Mary, mom to 10

Annet said...

Really, really awesome. Well done! Love before and after photos too :)

You are just so determined! I am like your old self - unhappy but just not determined enough. But have been slowly increasing the amount I have been running, so am seeing progress in stamina and muscles, just not the rest. I need to find more determination to take care of myself...

And here's a fun question for you to blog - how many new clothes have you had to buy, since you def can't still be wearing your size 18s!! And so how does that fit into your budget?

June said...

Awesome Erin!!

ann said...

awesome! you look amazing!

misszippy said...

Erin--You are amazing and such an inspiration! Love the tip about gum while the kids are eating--I'm going to adopt that one.

And Solomon is precious!

carrie said...

What an amazing and inspirational story! Thank you for sharing! Keep up the good work and healthy lifestyle! You are an excellent example for all people and are teaching your children how to be healthy.

Teamarcia said...

Fantastic! What an amazing accomplishment!

Shana said...

Nice job, Erin!

Like you, when I am in training mode I find that I am eating quite a bit. I also like three good meals, plus a couple of snacks. One quick snack I like is a handful of slivered almonds with a handful of craisins mixed in.

And Mary, great job also!

Terzah said...

Congratulations, Erin! What a journey--I am so impressed that you did it without dieting. And I too will be chewing gum when I make the kids' dinner--great tip. That's one of my two Bermuda triangles of eating (the other one is my workplace and the constant gravy train of sweets).

Your weight loss story is so inspiring. I will recommit today to getting my last bit of weight off.

Run with Jess said...

Absolutely wonderful read! Thank you for sharing your journey. A year ago, I weighed in at 220 and that same little Wii character exploded!! Running has absolutely saved my life - and recreated it at the same time. I've got a good 25 more to go - so thank you for the motivation!! Training for my 1st marathon this fall... this will be MY year to get it done.

Jen said...

You look amazing! Thank you for being such an inspiration!

Ash said...

You look amazing!!

Just a few days before this post I was looking at your Valentine's date photos and was amazed at how different you look. I was telling a friend about you and I scrolled through your archives trying to find a before pic (by the way you need to be in front of the camera more:).

You inspire me to get in shape!! Congrats on your accomplishment.

beach mama said...

What an amazing story. I know exactly where you were. And I went from 201 (I am 5'3") to 170. In the next 9 months I tried to maintain, but gained back 10 of it (crappy eating and a tad too much wine/beer) ...but I was also training for my first half marathon that I ran less than 2 weeks ago. So I can't imaging how much I would have gained if I wasn't training.
You are an inspiration. I never thought I could be an 8... now I think maybe I can. I just turned 34 and I have just 2 boys (age 6 and 2) and now I will be training for the triathlon season (I did my first in Aug) and then the Marine Corps Marathon with my Hubby in Oct!!

paige said...

SO inspirational on so many levels. Rock on, sweet mama!!

Anonymous said...

I don't know you but I hopped over from A Bushel and a Peck and I have to say that you look AMAZING AND years younger! I am sure you feel just as great. Congratulations! The Wii character told me I need to lose weight too...I started running this year. :)