Thursday, January 20, 2011

October 8, 2010 - Fast and Faster

Today is my day off this week from running. I will do 25 miles total on Saturday and Sunday (8 tomorrow, 17 on Sunday, which will be my longest run so far) so my legs are getting rested. :)
But I need to say how much fun my run was yesterday morning. A lot of mornings running is hard. Even when I love it, it is hard. One of the things I like about running is that it is hard and I have to push myself mentally and physically. That feels good.  And every so often I have a run that is just GREAT. It is one of those runs where running feels easy and I feel fast and it is just really, really fun.
Yesterday's run was seriously the most fun run I have ever done by myself.
The stars did not allign for me to get out early early for my usual run. I could have if it was my only option, but I knew it was an easy morning for Josh and I didn't have any early therapists coming, so I knew I could go once I got the kids on the bus. So that is what I did. I took off just after 8am and the sun was up (nice change!) and the air was really chilly (which I love).
I only had four miles to do so I took off down the highway on an out-and-back route we do pretty often. It is a pretty significant downhill for almost the first mile, then the road "V's" and it turns to uphill for the second mile (although not nearly as steep as the downhill). When you turn around you have just over a mile of gentle downhill, and then the really steep uphill for the last almost mile.
I took off at a comfortable but fast pace (for me) and tried to maintain it when I lost the downhill and then had to run uphill. When I got to the turnaround I had gotten there in 17 minutes and a few seconds. I was excited, and then decided I wanted to have an even faster time for the second half of the run (negative splits). It felt great to turn around and have the downhill and I felt great. When I got to the last big hill I had to push hard to keep my speed up and get up that dang thing, but I got home in 16 minutes and a couple of seconds and felt awesome. And the whole run was just FUN.
I finished with an average mile pace of under 8 minutes and 30 seconds a mile for the four miles, which for me is pretty dang good.
And now I need to brag on Josh for a minute. Today he decided to go for a 13 mile training run. He has not run much at all lately thanks to those stinking kidney stones (although he's been feeling great for about two and a half weeks now). This was his longest training run ever, and it was raining when we left our house, and snowing when I dropped him off at the top of the mountain pass (that is 13 miles from our house). I was worried, but he wouldn't let me drive along side of him with my hazards blinking. I did make him carry his cell phone.
Well, he showed up back home in one hour and 58 minutes! (My half marathon time was 2:04). Josh ran an all downhill run today, but still... that time is awesome, especially since he hasn't been able to train much at all lately. I was super impressed and a wee bit annoyed all at the same time! Just kidding.  :) Yeah... he totally rocks.
So, super stud husband may just be ok to run the full marathon in December. He is going to keep with the training schedule now and keep working on increasing his distance and see how he feels when we get a little closer. I have a feeling he is going to be just fine. I am going to need to come up with some longer legs or testosterone or something to keep up with him! :)
I am looking forward to my long runs this weekend. I love getting up and setting off on these long runs with Jenny. And then nothing beats coming home and having that tired and sore, yet accomplished and successful feeling all day.  Wish me luck!
That's all for now! It is a cold and miserable day today so when the kids get home from school we are putting on warm, comfy clothes and having a movie night. :) Have a great weekend!!

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