Thursday, January 20, 2011

October 11, 2010 - Picture Day

Sorry, not pictures of the kids, just pictures of some crazy moms. (Kid pictures coming soon! They have a three day weekend this week so we'll have them all in the same place for more than a few hours).
8 miles on Saturday morning... DONE!
17 miles on Sunday morning... DONE!
Less than eight weeks until marathon day. :)
Jenny decided that Sunday morning was going to be "picture day" and so here were are at 5:45 am on Sunday morning (at 7700ft elevation, about to start our 17 mile training run). Yeah... it was super dark. Jenny's son was a REALLY good sport and drove us out to our starting point and played photographer for us. I put on my  headlamp and pulled my hair back after the pics and we were off!


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