Thursday, January 20, 2011

October 1, 2010 - Miles and Musings

My total miles ran in the month of September were 152.2. That included my first half marathon and weeks 6, 7, 8 and most of 9 of my marathon training. So far I have been able to stick right to my training schedule without missing any runs, and I am really enjoying it (especially the long runs). This week is a "scale back" week, with long runs on Saturday and Sunday of only 7 and 11 miles, and then next week it jumps up again to long runs of 8 miles and 17 miles (total weekly miles vary from 35-47).
The Las Vegas Rock n Roll marathon is in two months and four days. :)
I am nervous but excited, and I am changing my "vision" of what it will be. When I first planned on doing it I assumed I would have my best friend/running partner Jenny by my side. We run together almost every morning (crazy early!), and have for months. She is the first person I talk to almost every day. Through miles and miles together we talk about running, kids, husbands, family, friends, church, jobs, food... you  name it! I can tell her literally anything, and at this point she knows me better than almost anyone.  We've pushed ourselves to the limit together on more than one occassion. For me, our runs are exercise, therapy and friendship all rolled into one. :)
So of course when I imagined running my first marathon, I imagined doing it with Jenny. And even though she is doing all of this crazy training with me (every single mile so far!) she can't make the trip to do the race. And when you ask people about marathons, they often say that the training is the hardest part. I told one of my friends that she was training with me even though she couldn't do the race and she said, "Wow... that's a REALLY good friend." Indeed!
And when I signed up to do the marathon, Josh signed up too. We don't run at the same pace. He is faster in shorter distances, but I have a sneaky suspicision that my endurance is a lot better and I would beat him over 26.2 miles. But he said he wanted to run the race together, and so I was imagining that (and really liking the idea of us running a marathon together). Josh is my favorite person in the universe. He is my rock. He knows what I need and when. Doing anything with him makes it better. :)
But stinking kidney stones side-lined Josh from running for over a month. He has just this week been able to start running some short miles without pain, and there is less than nine weeks until the marathon. We just don't think there is time for him to adequately train (and I so do not want him to get hurt), so more than likely he is going to switch to the half marathon (same place, same day).
So that means I will be running my first marathon by myself. Ok, not really by myself, since there will be thousands and thousands of other runners, but I won't have any of "my people" running with me. No one to have nervous chit chat with just before the race. No Jenny or Josh to encourage me when it gets hard (I am predicting that will be around mile 19 or 20). Neither one of them to talk with to take my mind off the miles. No one to yell at me to drink more. Neither one to share the crazy experience with (although I will be taking mental notes of all the things that happen and that I see to tell them about!)
But I am starting to feel ok about it. I know I can do it. I can push myself. I can motivate myself. I will run my very best race and I will enjoy it. And I know Josh will be there at the finish line (which is reason enough to run faster!) and I know Jenny will be cheering me on from home. And in reality, running is something I do for be in shape, to feel good, to have "me time",  to challenge myself, to compete against myself, to push myself.
So, if by some miracle one of them ends up being able to race with me, that will be awesome. And if not, I will be good.
Two months and four days! :)

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