Thursday, January 20, 2011

June 27, 2010 - The Hill revisited

As I mentioned in my last post, we drove home  from Salt Lake the long way  so that we could go through East Canyon and I could show everyone the second leg of my run from the Ragnar relay. This was my 8.1 miles up-hill leg. Josh loves to drive through out of the way places and the kids were in a great mood so we decided to go for it. I ran this starting at 2:20 in the morning, so it was REALLY dark and I couldn't see any of it. It was fun to see what I actually did, and I am kind of glad that I couldn't see it when I was running!
I ran right past this dam... the road was right next to it. I could HEAR super loud running water but couldn't see anything. It was a little nerve-wracking! I think this was about half-way up, maybe two-thirds of the way up.
I ran along this lake for quite awhile. It is really pretty (and HUGE).
Ok, so see that guard rail running up that big old hill? That was the final climb to my run. It was brutal! I walked some for sure. If it hadn't been at the end of a long, very hard, uphill run I know I could have run the whole thing, but I was BEAT at this point. The finish line to my leg was just at the top of that hill and around the corner. I had never been so happy to stop running EVER. :)

Me at the top, right where I exchanged to the next runner on our team.
All I wanted was a picture at the top and to move on, but Josh decided he wanted some "action shots" of me running through the finish. In my FLIP FLOPS. The things I do for that man... :)
It's too bad that the windows are tinted on the van because you can't see all the kids laughing at me running in my flip flops and making faces about it. :)


Ok, and if you are sick of "running post", I apologize, and I am done writing about running for awhile. I have been back to my regular morning runs this week (took two days off after Ragnar). Jenny and I signed up for a half-marathon on Sept. 3. :)

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