Thursday, January 20, 2011

January 9, 2011 - Yay Mickey!

I did it! I finished marathon #2 in Walt Disney World today. It was WONDERFUL! I finished with a time of 4:20:18, which is 4 minutes and 28 seconds slower than the marathon in Vegas. However, I lost 10 minutes online at the portapotties during the race and the course was very crowded and congested at times, so I am very happy with my time.
It was such a blast... the characters, the crowds, the other runners, the entertainment, the atmosphere... all of it! It was an incredible experience.  I didn't bring my IPOD and I didn't miss it for a minute.
Dad and Pam were just amazing. They got up before 3am, left the room at 3:15am and were out in the cold all mornig (and it was REALLY cold...perfect for me once we got running, rough on the spectators for the first couple of hours). They saw me at the start, at mile 4, at mile 10 just before I ran through Cinderella's castle and then at the finish line. Pam got some great pictures and Dad even gave me a high five at one point. It was awesome.
I actually feel better than I ever did last time. No blisters, less stiff... I feel great!
26.2 miles is not an easy thing to accomplish, but I really did enjoy the journey and am so grateful for the opportunity. There are definitely more marathons in my future. :)
More details and pics coming once I am home. Can't wait to be back with Josh and the kids. The Happiest Place on Earth just isn't the same without my family. More soon!

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