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Jan. 19 2010 - a healthy update

Yesterday was rough... I was exhausted, worn out and stressed out, there was way too much to do, Noah was struggling... you get the idea.
I have started to catch up on time with Josh and the kids, sleep, food and exercise, all of which put me in a better mood.
Quick Noah update- The surgeon was worried he would have lots and lots of retching (dry heaves) after the surgery. I guess kids with neurological issues often do. If that happens, they can "undo" the surgery, requiring it to be done again. No fun. Well, he has thankfully NOT had a whole lot of retching... less than one episode a day since the surgery. However, once on Sunday night and once yesterday afternoon not only did he retch, but he threw up a small amount. I literally called the surgeon's office in tears because I thought he wasn't supposed to be able to DO that anymore (which was sort of the point!). They had me turn down his feed rate again nice and low and then slowly bump it back up, because they think his stomach just needs a bit more time to heal and "relax" after surgery. I guess it isn't unheard of for there to be a small amount of vomit close after surgery and the surgeon said he was very happy with how the surgery went and definitely thought it was a success. (I still am not happy about the barf!) For now we are back up at his goal rate of feeds (just for the last couple of hours)... he only BARELY makes his goal calories and fluid intake at this rate, so if he can't handle it and has to be at a lower rate for a longer period of time he will have to be admitted again (UGH), as he'll need an IV to stay hydrated and fed. He has lost about a pound in the last few days. So, fingers crossed that his belly stays settled now.
What I wanted to write about today though is my health. :)
Actually, this post has been floating around my head for a few weeks now.
On Dec. 28 it was the one year anniversary of when I decided to get healthy. I started exercising six days a week for at least half an hour (which started off as exercise on the Wii Fit and evolved into running six days a week in April) and I started making better eating choices. I did not want to "diet" or do anything that I could not stick with long term (like, forever). I knew I could find success with Weight Watchers and other similar programs, but I also knew I would never stick with it for too long.
So instead, I decided to limit portion sizes, not eat after 7pm, eat more fruits and veggies and healthier foods in general, drink lots of water, and limit the "junk" as much as possible. No more pints of Ben and Jerry's at 8pm. No more snacking off the kids plates at meal time (chewing gum when I feed the kids helped with that). I just tried to make smarter choices about what I put in my mouth and how much I put in my mouth.
I have stuck with it since Dec. 28, 2008. I consistently lost about 6lbs a month... some weeks more, some weeks less, but it always seemed to average about 6lbs a month lost. I figured that since I wanted to continue exercising and eating well that I wasn't going to change anything, and sooner or later my body would level out at a healthy weight. By August I had hit my goal of losing 50lbs, and that is where my weight loss leveled out.
I am thrilled to say that I have been able to keep the weight off since August. And I feel like if I can keep it off through having a new baby and all the stress of his medical needs lately, AND through a holiday season with our house filled with great company and tons of great food, that I am doing pretty dang well. :)
I started off very snug in a size 16, and now am quite comfortably in a size 8. I was a size 8 in high school and college (and I was in really great shape then) so I feel really good about it. I have a five pound "window" that I go up and down but shoot to stay in, and so far so good. I still aim to run six days a week, and most days I do 3-5 miles. For now I am mostly running on the treadmill, but I am itching to get back outside. Weeks in the hospital about kill me since I do nothing much beyond sitting still!
Josh joined me in my "get healthy" plan in April last year and in typical Josh fashion, even though he only exercises about half as much as I do, he lost weight much more quickly than I did and was soon running farther and faster than I can. He lost about 60lbs and looks amazing... so much so that some of his returning athletes on the track team didn't recognize him at the start of the season! And he competed in the "Coach's mile" race at the track meet last weekend and ran the mile in 6:47. Crazy! I am so proud of him.
It felt pretty good on New Year's this year to look back and see that i HAD kept my resolution from the year before and had made a big change in my life for the better.
So, that's my healthy update.
More soon!

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