Monday, January 24, 2011

How I accidentally bought a treadmill

Ok, as promised, here is the tale of how I "accidentally" purchased a treadmill. My friends (and Josh's) are having great fun teasing me about it, so I might as well just throw it out there.

So, our (former) treadmill is old and has been run into the ground. For the last few months it has gotten more and more jerky and less reliable. It got bad enough that Josh wouldn't run on it at all, and I found myself all tense on it, afraid it was going to throw me off. If I set the speed at 6.8 it would jump from 5.4 to 7.9 and all over the place really randomly. It used to do it for just the first quarter mile and then it would settle in, but it was doing it throughout the whole run the last few weeks.

We knew we needed a new treadmill. With our weather (icy icy roads) and Josh's schedule some days the treadmill is the only way I can get my runs in, even though I would much much prefer to be outside. I was hoping that the old one would make it until we got our tax return, but it became apparent that it wasn't going to

Two weeks ago after a terrible run on the old treadmill I came upstairs all frustrated and decided to look and see if anywhere was selling treadmills with financing available. We couldn't afford to buy one right now, but if we could finance just for a couple of months we could pay it off with our tax return.

I had gotten an email from Ragnar offering 10% off any Nordictrack treadmill, so I started there. Nordicktrack was offering free shipping (which took off $125) and some excellent sale prices for their "it's January and the whole world is resolving to get into shape this month" sale, especially on the models that aren't new this year. I looked on Sears and some other sites but nowhere had as good of a deal as I could find on, especially with the free shipping and the extra 10% off with the Ragnar code.

Nordictrack offered the Bill Me Later option (no payments no interest for six months) which sounded perfect. I wasn't sure if we would be approved or if there would be a catch though since I had never used anything like that. The only way to find out was to put the treadmill in my online "shopping cart" and move forward as if I was ordering.

My plan was to see if we would be approved, make sure there wasn't any fine print I didn't like,  find out what the total cost would be and then if it all looked good, call Josh and see what he thought.

I got to the "how do you want to pay for this order" part on the checkout screen and chose the Bill Me Later.  Bill Me Later popped up and I read all the details and for this situation it seemed like a good option for us. It asked for my name, birth date and last four digits of my social security #. I clicked "next", expecting more questions (annual income? phone number?), a notification of how much we were approved for, a confirm/review your order screen or SOMETHING, but what did I get??

"Thank you for your order. Your treadmill should arrive in 5-7 business days."


Seriously! You can't even buy a book on Amazon without a "Please review and confirm your order". But for a treadmill? Not necessary!

So I called Josh and said, "Ummm, honey? I just accidentally bought a treadmill". (insert laughing and mocking on his part here). Obviously I could have called and canceled it, but Josh agreed it was something we both really wanted and that we'd pay it off in just a month or two. It did come just a few days later and Josh got it all set up. We have both been running on it for over a week and it is SO nice to have a reliable treadmill to run on. SUCH a difference. It rocks. :)

But of course Josh has had fun telling his friends about how his wife "accidentally" bought a treadmill. Funny funny funny. It doesn't really matter how I try to explain either... I get "uh huh....surrrrrrrrrrre.... Riiiiiiiiight. It was an ACCIDENT... of COURSE it was..." 

So, whatever. I accidentally bought a treadmill.

 I really do honestly much, much, much prefer to run outside and I don't let darkness, rain, cold, wild animals or much else stop me from getting out to run, but this time of year when the roads are just coated in thick ice more often than not it is impossible (or at least not smart) to run outdoors a lot of days. And I have to say that I do really like the treadmill for my interval runs, as we don't live very close to a track and it is covered in snow at least half of the year anyhow. So I have a love-hate relationship with the treadmill. I would much rather be outside so I hate being stuck on it, but when it is the only way I have to get a run in, I am super grateful for it and I love it.

Training for my next marathon (April 16), this new treadmill ensures that I will be able to get my long runs in no matter what Mother Nature throws at me over the next couple of months, although I am sure hoping to get the longest training runs done OUTSIDE.

How about you other runners? Do you run on a treadmill?


Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

I'm jealous you have a treddy! It is cold here and I know the snow is bound to come back--it would be so nice to jump on a treddy in my own house!

The Ritzmanns said...

Funny you should ask, I just took up running and am going the C25K route. I posted recently about my first run in with a treadmill in years. It wasn't pretty.

Keep up the good work with your running. You have been one of the people that has inspired me to start running and get in better shape.

Thank you.

boltupright said...

I did own a treadmill... and hated running on it so much I never used it. I bought it thinking that it would be the best way to keep up with my running after I adopted my son (single mom, not so easy to dash out the door) but it totally backfired. I barely used it. For some reason I just can't get into the zone running on a treadmill the way I can outside.

Emily B. said...

wait-- no pics of the new beauty?? ;)

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

That is funny..I always wonder how many more screens until I am done..

We got a treadmill for Christmas, well part of it anyway...I dont like it at all...but it is a good option if I dont get my run in mid day.. And hubby likes it..


Shana said...

Same as you - total love/hate with the treadmill. But as a mom, and someone who doesn't like to run outside when it's too cold or too hot, I am thankful for it.

By the way, my husband accidentally bought a CAR off ebay once. Yeah.

Liz said...

I just found your blog and love it. I started running in 2008 and have run 11 half marathons and 5 marathons. I run on a treadmill for short runs but long runs I run outside. I use my parents treadmill because they are only 1 mile away and that is cheaper than a gym or buying my own treadmill.