Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hats off to Disney and answers to truth and lies :)

7 miles on Saturday... Done!
14 miles today... Done!

It was a great running weekend. I got all of my miles done outside and did my pace run right at the pace I needed and my long run at just the right pace. Success! :)

I have already written about how much I loved running the Walt Disney World marathon, how impressed I was with the entire weekend and how well organized it all was, and how much I definitely want to do it again in 2012. :)

But I need to give one more shout out to Disney.

The long-sleeved tech shirt we got in our race bags is a really, really nice looking shirt. It's definitely my favorite race shirt ever. When I got home I noticed that it had a small pull/tear in the front of the shirt, and I was really bummed, because like I said... it's my favorite race shirt ever.

So I called "Run Disney" to ask if there was any way to buy a replacement shirt. I got a call back within a couple of hours, and the woman I spoke to said that they would just send me a new one out right away, no charge. And sure enough, a few days later I got a package from Run Disney, with not just a new shirt but a whole new "swag bag". I was way excited to get the shirt and the bag, and if it was possible, I think I love Disney even a little bit more now. :)

There were thousands upon thousands of runners involved in the Walt Disney World Marathon weekend and I really didn't expect to be able to get a new shirt a few weeks after the fact. Thanks Disney! I am forever a fan. :)

Ok, and for those of you who played along, here are the answers to my "Getting to Know You -Truth and Lies". For those of you claiming to be just guessing, I was way surprised how close you were!

Terzah got them all right!!! :)

- I am the grand master champion at Whack a Mole
This is true! I can kick anyone's butt at Whack a Mole. My reflexes are like LIGHTNING. :)

- The thing I hate the most about my body is the horrible varicose veins I have on one leg
This is also, unfortunately, true. My third pregnancy did horrible things to the veins in my leg. They don't hurt (except to look at them) and they don't cause me any problems, so surgery to have them fixed isn't covered by insurance. MAN are they ugly.

- I used to say I was never getting married and never having kids
This is actually true. My parents went through an ugly divorce and it seemed like all of my friends' parents were divorced too. I got to a point where I thought marriages were all doomed to fail, and I didn't want to put kids through that. Then I met Josh and knew we would be forever. :) But yeah, I still get teased about saying I would never get married and never have kids.That my friends, is called IRONY. :)

- I love violent, bloody action movies
This is a LIE. I hate violent, bloody movies and I can't even watch without my fingers over my face. I can't even watch boxing (unless it's during a hockey game). :) I like action movies, but hold the violence and blood please.

- I hate cooking
Yeah, this one is true. I cook... ALL THE DANG TIME... because I have 12 kids to feed. But I hate it, and if I never cooked again, I wouldn't miss it one iota. In fact I would take having a chef over a maid or chauffeur or anything. Josh loves to cook and is excellent at it so when he is actually home, I let him do the honors.

- I am most afraid of car accidents
True. I am petrified of car accidents.

- I don't know how to swim
Lie! I can swim. :) I am no Michael Phelps, but I can get the job done.

- My favorite two foods are bread and potatoes
True! If I could never have chocolate or sweets again I would be fine, but PLEASE don't take my bread and potatoes.

- I like cold weather better than hot weather
So, so, SO, SO true. I hate the heat. I don't handle it well. I struggle to run in it. I don't feel good in it.  I used to pass out in the heat regularly. Heat and I... we just don't get a long.

- I love to ski
Lie! I live in the Rocky Mountains where even the elementary school kids go skiing regularly, and I have only been once when I was 16. I don't dislike it, I just never learned and now I don't want to hurt myself.

-I have never had my ears pierced
True! There is no real reason why, I just never did.

-I can't handle spicy food
Also true. I have the wimpiest tongue ever. And most of my kids LOVE hot sauce and put it on most of what they eat. No thanks!

Thanks to those of you who played along! And if you have any questions to ask, still feel free to leave them. :) 


Terzah said...

Wow, I'm psyched that I got 100% on this. Maybe it's because the lies are the ones that I would have been lying about (I hate to cook too but do it anyway). I too live in the Rockies but don't know how to downhill ski. I also hate bloody movies. The other one (on swimming) was a real guess--but you don't seem like the sort of person who doesn't know how to swim--whatever that means. :^)

Kiley said...

Hey!! I actually didn't run the Vaquero loco...but I helped out Ty (he is my bro-in-law). My husband and I were at the turn around aid station then helped cook the burgers. VERY SMALL WORLD!!! (My sis is Andrea!)