Thursday, January 20, 2011

August 25, 2010 - Quick Injury Update

Thanks to those of you who have commented and emailed about my running injury. I know a lot of people think the running is crazy and a lot of people aren't interested, but this blog is my journal and the running is important to me and has come a big part of who I am, so I am writing about it. :)
I took an entire week off from running, and then started back slowly this week. I did three miles on Monday morning (walked just a bit in the middle) and felt pretty good. It was definitely sore afterwards, but not worse than it had been. Then yesterday I ran a mile and then walked a mile because it was pretty darn sore. I was frustrated after that! Then Noah's PT came and he brought his ultrasound machine for me and worked on me some when we were done with Noah and it felt great the rest of the day yesterday. (And turns out it is not really my hip flexor but another muscle on the inner hip in that area. It is the same one that bugged me so badly when I first started running and didn't have the right kind of running shoes. Since I went over a year and a LOT of miles without any problems, I think I just wore out my last pair of shoes and the pronation bugged that muscle again).
I was planning on taking this morning off, but it felt so good I decided to go. I did 2.2 miles and ran the whole thing and felt really good. I could have kept going but didn't want to push it so I stopped there. Tomorrow we have a long day at the children's hospital so it will be a day off, and I will be back at it on Friday. I am just taking it slowly. I am encouraged though... I still have 10 days until the half marathon and if I had to run it tomorrow I could. I am hopeful that in 10 days I will be feeling super good and will be able to run a great race. :)

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