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August 16, 2010 - Bullet Points

The days are just whipping by. Here are a few bullet points since that is about all I have time for today.
- Josh did AWESOME in his race on Saturday. He finished the course in 3 hours and 48 minutes. The course was a 25K over very difficult and technical trails, and he had two huge climbs up and over mountain peaks (they were running at over 9000 feet elevation!). He said that the downhills were even more difficult than the uphills because they were so very steep and his legs were so tired. The kids and I went up to the finish line area to cheer him on (a beautiful lake and camp ground spot) and the kids had a blast running around and playing (and even got canoe rides from a lovely couple with a great canoe and life jackets!) I volunteered to help so I ended up being the one to write down the times of the runners as they came in at the finish line. Very fun! I was jealous not to be running, but Josh and I have to take turns and I was SO proud of how great he did. He's a stud! He did say he would do it again, although he said Jenny and I can have a go at it next year (Jenny says we definitely are. I like my road racing a lot better than the trails, but Jenny does all the things I ask her to so I will do it with her!) It was a great day.
- Football and volleyball have started! My big kids and my hubby are officially BUSY. They all leave here at 7am for the high school. Mercy is at tryouts/practice all day and Nate and Josh have practice for a few hours in the morning and then they go back for a few more hours in the evening. School starts two weeks from today. Crazy!
- I wasn't trying to be funny when I wrote my last post and said how easy it was with "only" six kids. Seriously people... it was a breeze! I guess it is all perspective. If you are used to three kids, six is a mob scene. And if you are used to 12 kids, six is a cake walk! :)
- I am injured. I felt kind of "funny" in my hip after a short, fast run on Friday morning, but nothing necessarily hurt. I was aware of a funny tug all day, but took it easy. Saturday I took off from running and was volunteering at Josh's race. I stood still most of the day and then came home and took it easy and felt fine. Sunday morning Josh drove Jenny and I 13 miles out of town so we could run 13.1 miles home. It is my favorite route that we do and the weather was great and I was REALLY looking forward to it, although in the back of my mind I was a teensy bit worried about my funny hip feeling.
As I got out of the van I said to Josh, "I am just going to pretend that my hip feels great". I figured it was a good idea that he was aware that my hip might not be great. He pointed his finger at me and told me not to hurt myself or overdue it (on a 13 mile run) and then took off down the highway in the van.
I felt really good for the first 3-4 miles. And then I started feeling more and more aware that my hip just wasn't quite right. I stopped to walk a bit and stretch, and was being very conscious about not limping or altering my normal gait. The further we went, the more I hurt, and the more I knew I WAS for sure hurt. I was not happy. Really not happy. It didn't feel any better to walk, so I ran and walked on and off (and Jenny was awesome to just stick with me even though I told her she didn't have to). By mile eight I was definitely done running and wasn't even able to walk without limping, no matter how hard I tried. I starting hoping and hoping that Josh would come out to check on us and give me a ride home so I didn't make things any worse.
Sure enough, right as we hit nine miles into the run (gimp at that point) my knight in shining armor pulled up in our 15 passenger van because he had looked down the highway with his binoculars and knew he should be able to see us by then if we were running at our typical pace, so he worried and came to check on us. My hero! I got into the van with tears in my eyes and Jenny finished the last four miles by herself.
I wish I knew what I did... ran too long in my old pair of running shoes? Didn't warm up well enough when it was crazy cold the other morning? Rolled funny on a rock on our canyon run last week? I don't know. I don't think that it is from over-training because I have been doing the same mileage per month for the most part since March, and have been following a schedule and feeling great. Not the best timing with our half marathon just three weeks away, but I am determined to run it and to do well. I am taking this week off (it kills me to say that!) and then I'll see how it feels on Sunday. I am icing it twice a day and taking ibuprofen, and I am doing some stretches and exercises for that hip flexor muscle and hope to be better than ever in a week or two. I hurt this same muscle in May of 2009, and I was limping a lot worse and in a lot worse overall shape, and I was running again after just two weeks or so, so I am hoping this will be short lived.
Not running makes me cranky. Really cranky.
- Josh's uncle and grandma stopped by this morning on their way back home and it was really nice to see them. It is so cool to me that my kids have two great-grandma's still alive. :) Uncle Bill and Grandma Betty were really sweet with the kids and really enjoyed them which was fun to see.
- We had a really great talk in church on Sunday about our attitudes and about not being easily offended by others, and how being offended is a choice we make. One of my favorite quotes is from Brigham Young, a prophet for the LDS church and a founder of the state of Utah. He said, "He who takes offense when no offense is intended is a fool, and he who takes offense when offense is intended is a greater fool. Love that!
- Work is busy. There are so many kids on my waiting lists (both my HIV+ children waiting list and my special needs waiting list) that it is overwhelming. I feel this way often in regards to the SN kids.  I feel like I can't educate enough, advocate enough, or do enough for these kids. They are so full of life and potential and just need someone to choose them... to love them... to want them.  I try to remember how far the HIV+ adoption program has come in such a short time and I definitely celebrate every time a referral is made, and yet it all feels like not enough more often than not.
- Besides that, the kids are great, there are many appointments coming up in the next two weeks, and summer goes way too fast. :)
More soon!
Here is Josh and our neighbor just before the finish line. Josh is in the black, and still looking strong. He's such a stud!
Here is Josh hanging out with Noah he finished while I was still writing down finishing times. :)

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