Thursday, January 20, 2011

August 10, 2010 - Crazy?

Josh and I have registered to run in the Las Vegas Rock N Roll marathon the first weekend of December! Twenty six point two miles. 26.2. Crazy! And yet I know we can do it. I have been training hard for over a year, and when I look at the marathon training programs I am already running the weekly miles they recommend. I am definitely going to continue training hard and adding miles to get ready, and I have no doubt it will be insanely hard (the first dude that ever ran a marathon died at the end. Nice!) but I am excited.
We finally (FINALLY) just yesterday got our money back from our cancelled romantic getaway to Jamaica (we got a little bit back awhile ago but were waiting on and fighting for the bulk of it). We need to use most of it for buying groceries, paying bills and back to school, but we really wanted to use a part of it to do something special for just us. I figured we'd drive (it is about an 11 hour drive or so) but then we found round trip plane tickets for just $117 each, so we jumped on those. We still don't feel like we can be gone from Noah for a full week, but we do feel good about a weekend. We leave on a Saturday morning and will be back on Monday afternoon.
I REALLY wanted to go and do the Disney World marathon in early January, but it was just too far and too expensive of a trip. One day I will though! :) I am not a huge Vegas fan, but the race looks like a ton of fun, there is a free Brett Michaels concert at the end for the runners and their family members, and I know we are going to have a grand time. :)
The other thing that played into us choosing this marathon is the timing. Josh is busy almost every weekend from early September until mid-November because of coaching football, and then after the holidays he is super busy until the end of the May with coaching track. There are a couple of spring marathons close by in Utah, but both are on big track weekends so it just wouldn't work. (And I have NO desire to try and run a marathon in the summer heat). So early December was really perfect timing for us.
And the temps are supposed to be between low 40's and low 60's which is perfect, and we'll be 4,000 feet lower in elevation than here, so fingers crossed that will give us a boost. :)
I am really hoping that my friend and training partner, Jen, is going to be able to come and run with us in Vegas. We did Ragnar together, we are doing a half marathon together in a couple of weeks, and we run together almost every morning.
And I just have to say how awesome Josh is. He was excited and supportive about me doing a full marathon, and then jumped right in and said he would do it with me. I know having him with me will be a huge support and encouragement when the going gets rough. :) And, we're way excited for a quick weekend away. He truly is my favorite person in the universe. He really is the greatest and I love him SO much.
I am proud of our kids too! Even though it does not come naturally and is not easy for him, Ryan has stuck with running. He got up this morning on his own and went for a run and enjoyed it. When I asked if he was still planning on joining the cross country team this fall he said, "Of course!" Shane and Ben run with Ryan a lot, and not to be left out, Amanda has put together a "running team" consisting of her, Belane, Marcus, Shorty, Shane and Ben (Maggie is not so interested). :) They take turns running laps around the house, cheering for each other, "timing" each other, etc. and then they come in and drink water, stretch, and roll out their legs with my Stick. They think they are super cool. Me too!
So yeah... it still feels a wee bit crazy to say out loud, but we signed up to run a marathon.

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