Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Shana and Colleen got it! My treadmill show right now is "Alias". I am almost through Season 4 and am sad there is only one season left. If you haven't watched this show it is really awesome. Jennifer Garner rocks. It is great for a treadmill distraction too because there is great music, lots of action and lots of girls kicking butt. :) Josh didn't think anyone would get it from the pictures in my post, but I knew that any Alias fans out there would recognize Sloane's face!!

Chuck is our favorite current show right now (seriously, my whole family LOVES Chuck), but it is still on the air and one of my clues was that it was a show that was no longer on. Sorry A!!

I have never watched LOST. We tried to watch it a few times when it was still on the air and having missed the first season or two "I" was completely lost.

And 24 is another one of our absolute favorites and we have most of the seasons on DVD. I may have to tune into some Jack Bauer when I run out of Alias to watch.

Thanks for guessing! :)

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